J. Drive’s ‘unTitled’ and Modern Hip-hop

J. Drive’s ‘unTitled’ is a modern Hip-hop single, insprired by this young artist’s struggles and his inspiration to continue through it all.

If you happen to be looking for a vibrant new voice on the Hip-hop scene, look no further than Jessie ‘J. Drive’ Driver. His new single, ‘unTitled’, is strongly situated in the style of modern Hip-hop. The history and passionate style of Hip-hop lives on through J. Drive. Yet, this young artist also breathes new life into the genre.

With a furiously strong beat and a stunning intensity, ‘unTitled’ is impossible to get out of your mind. One of J. Drive’s many talents is his passion. It is rare to find an artist who is able to tie their vocals to their spirit. J. Driver does this effortlessly.

The power of J. Drive

To understand this young singer’s music, one must acquaint themselves with his personality. ‘unTitled’ is heavily inspired by J. Drive’s own personal struggles as well as his ability to overcome them. His song is an incredible reminder that you can always find your way back, no matter how lost you become. The difficulties that he has faced have shaped his style into something incredible all on its own.

‘unTitled’ is the perfect example of where modern Hip-hop is heading. Hip-hop is raw power. It is a fire in musical form. ‘unTitled’ expertly combines these elements to create one incredible single. It is no secret that the world is, collectively, in turmoil. J. Drive is the perfect artist to listen to during these difficulties because he gives the listener a genuine sense of hope.

For an artist this young, he has managed to find the perfect balance of being humble and being confident. This is a struggle many of us will spend our entire lives trying to conquer. However, ‘unTitled’ speaks to the incredible talent and maturity of this young man. If you are looking for a song that will empower you and give you hope in these difficult times, look no further than J. Drive and ‘unTitled.’

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