-j6- Is At The Heart And Soul Of The Singer Songwriter Genre

There will never be any real shortcuts for an independent artist on the journey to personal success. This is why only the musicians willing to put in the constant hard work will reach their goals. Let’s face it. If it was easy everyone would be a star. Our recent discovery -j6- is a perfect example of someone continuing to make connections and do what is necessary to feed his passion for creating music and getting it heard by the masses.


It all started for -j6-, aka Jarrett Binney, back in a small midwestern town with a unique gift of being born with six fingers and toes. A musical passion blossomed and he decided to pour himself into the arts. As an American singer-songwriter, he is best known for his melodic and super-catchy approach to songwriting paired with his ability to create true emotion with his songs.


To chase his dreams -j6- spent time performing and learning in the musical hotbeds of Nashville, Tennessee, and New York City. Becoming part of these scenes gave him a tremendous amount of inspiration and opportunity. Here he put in the time performing live to perfect his sonic delivery and create a real connection with his audience.


Now based in New Jersey, -j6- continues to create timeless original songs that attract more fans with each listen. His most recent project is the Singer Songwriter EP. The 4 song collection hits right at the heart of the Americana, folk, and singer-songwriter genres.



The opener “Pretty When She Smiles” sets the tone immediately. The lyrics are full of relatable experiences that welcome the listener to become a part of. The layered guitar melody creates a warm and elegant feeling to set any heart at ease.  This elegance in songwriting continues on “Let Love” as -j6- pours his heart out there. Another catchy chorus will be bouncing around your brain way after the track has finished playing.


Keep an ear out for more music to soothe your soul on the -j6- SOUNDCLOUD and follow him on social media at:

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