Jackie Lain is “Feeling So” in New Single

Singer-songwriter Jackie Lain is hitting the indie music scene with a brand new single that projects nothing but good vibes.

Like many musicians, a love for music and songwriting began at a young age for Lain. She spent her college years getting serious about crafting her talents and producing her songs, and in 2014, Lain released her first full-length album. A record of humble origins, Young Love was a group of demos that Lain recorded on Garageband.


Ever since music has been more than merely a hobby for Lain. After countless performances at coffee shops, bars, and more, Jackie Lain has cemented her reputation as a talented songwriter, musician, and performer.


The past few years have been quiet from Lain, without any releases since her 2015 EP Big Sky. Now, with a brand new single, it’s clear that Lain is back and better than ever.


“Feeling So” is a Song with a Soothing, Laid Back Vibe


From calm vocals to winding guitar lines, “Feeling So” demonstrates the best of the dreamy, relaxed quality of Jackie Lain’s music.


The guitar riff and drum beat lay the foundation, allowing Lain’s voice to float gently overtop moments later. As laid back as it seems, the song still has an energy that blooms and fades throughout the first part of the song.

By the second half, the energy is in the forefront. Echoing vocal effects add a sense of mystery towards the second chorus, and it only builds from there. New harmonies push towards the high point of the song, a bridge full of many layers.


It fades just as quickly as it began, repeating “Feeling So” all the while.

“Feeling So” finds its strength in its sweet simplicity. Anchored in guitar riffs and brief repeating vocal melodies, the song finds its own way by building on what it already has. No fuss, no frills, only light indie pop, crafted by the talented Jackie Lain.



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