Jameel Farruk Brings His Journey Home With “The Lost Ones”

Creating music is a journey. The next level for a songwriter is allowing the sounds of your journey to not only inspire your music but actually become part of it. Our recent discovery Jameel Farruk has done just that with his upcoming 4th record Islands and in particular the newly released single “The Lost Ones”

The singer and songwriter based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been creating music since 2011. Always looking for more inspiration, Jameel Farruk packed up his bags and left for a journey through Southeast Asia in the Winter of 2017. Hitting 5 different countries over a 2 month span there, he allowed not only the sounds but the sights, food, music, experiences, and most importantly, the people to inspire his music. Random ideas were quickly recorded as voice memos or notes on his precious iPhone to bring back to his writing sessions. Jameel also used the modest recording equipment he had to capture the sounds of cityscapes, forests, oceans, rain, streets, etc, from all the different places he traveled to. A lot of those sounds are subtly woven in throughout his new record.

In July Jameel Farruk released the 2nd single “The Lost Ones” to the world. The elegantly mellow track has a way of easing the soul as you listen. The backdrop of interesting sounds comes together perfectly for a full sonic tapestry. Jameel’s vocals are delivered with a slight reverb that puts them firmly into this tapestry. As he tells his story through song we are all motivated to see the world through his eyes. It is truly magnificent. We eagerly anticipate more music from his journey.

Keep up with Jameel and hear more HERE.

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