James Keen Says ‘Show Me What You Got’

As we all know the world has changed a lot over the past few years. A pretty terrible worldwide pandemic had some ghastly consequences. But we must always try to find the silver lining. For musicians that were able to adapt, there was a lot of alone time to focus on their craft. Our friend James Keen from Magazine Gap took this time to stretch his talents and continues to bring the world fresh new solo music.

Bringing in a wide variety of influences from the start, the international songwriter was born in Australia and raised in Hong Kong and London. His time with Magazine Gap allowed James Keen the opportunity to tour Europe, North America and Asia. Over the past two decades he has poured these experiences into his own sound that borrows from Pop, Rock, R&B, and Folk. Nothing is off limits if it can entertain his fans. 

Taking some time for himself and disappearing from the scene for a while, James Keen dove into his own reflective songwriting and the complexities of production. It has paid off well. June 30th will see the release of his first single “Show Me What You Got” off his upcoming solo album Crossover. 

Here is a little teaser:

Right away the emotional vocal style of James Keen hits. The listener is instantly drawn into what the artist has to say. James says the song is ‘a statement about challenging detractors to do their own thing, but more broadly people to do something remarkable, rather than criticise or moan from the sidelines.’

The laid back, yet sublime melodies weave in and out of the speakers. It has a way of easing the soul while opening up the mind to the thoughts and emotions that are being delivered. The track demands multiple listens to take it all in as each layer offers something fresh. And overall an uplifting and inspiring hope for our world.

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