Jennifer King Is Ready For The World With ‘Go’

There is a lot of musical talent out there that goes unrealized. You must allow yourself the freedom to share your gifts and also develop them with the help of people who have done it before. Taking lessons and classes will grow your skills and open up doors to new amazing opportunities. For inspiration catch a glimpse of Jennifer King and the rising star she is.

The singer, songwriter and actor from Liverpool has taken the leap and now has the backing of some true professionals. At only 15 years old, Jennifer King has set herself on a course for big things. She had signed up for mentoring sessions with UK songwriter Tim Arnold and a sparked connection was born. Her raw talent was undeniable. Tim and partner producer Ben Pelchat brought Jennifer on as a recording artist for their management company, Atlantic Bridge Music. 

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On January 20th, Jennifer King will release her debut single “Go” to the world. Influences from such talented songwriters as SZA and Alicia Keys can be heard but “Go” is taken up a notch. The dance infused beat turns up the energy as Jennifer’s soulful voice adds an element to make the track stand out. The top notch production of Ben Pelchat is also very noticeable. The big sound emanates from the speakers in a smooth and sultry way. 

Jennifer King says ‘‘Go’ is an anthem for the Gen Z’ers who are embracing the natural flow of life in place of the hyper-strategy of their native social media culture.” Being ‘real’ is important to her, which is a rare occurrence in our current world. With an attitude and sound well beyond her years, Jennifer is in line for big things as an artist. 

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