Jenny Bonner – Long Road Leads To Debut EP That No One Expected

Mastering an instrument is a unrelenting goal that always makes you strive to be better.  That determination often leads to adding more and more different talents to your repertoire.  Some musicians are quite fine staying in the shadows creating the soundtrack and background music for other artists who seek to be in the limelight.  Our recent find Jenny Bonner has taken a long road and is now ready to enter a new branch of her musical journey.  

Jenny Bonner

The accomplished cellist and pianist started on her path at just 10 years old.  Music was a passion for Jenny Bonner and she dove into learning as much as she could leading to a music performance degree at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, and post graduate degrees from Michigan State University.  Jenny has shared this love of music as well, teaching orchestra for the last two decades and more recently started to teach classes on songwriting for high school students.  

The next step is now.  Jenny Bonner is set to release her own set of original, heartfelt songs on her debut EP Moments on March 1st, 2016.  The 5 track EP combines all her talents to showcase the long journey to get here.  The opener “Movin’ On” sets the tone for a mellow journey that can focus on a relaxing melody and vocals.  There is more energy and a strong piano lead on “It Happened Today”.  The chorus is sung beautifully and will repeat in your head.  There is a darker message underneath though.  The classical feel of “Tell Me” adds another layer of beauty as piano and cello take turns creating the sonic blanket that seems to wrap around the listener.  The vocals add to this as well.  “No Room Left” seems to be a little darker and then really throws you for a loop when it transforms into a full on rock song with grinding guitar and power vocals.  The album closer “TImes To Remember” stays in the rock vein but with a peppy little tone that leaves you with a smile on your face.  

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