JMWest – Finding A Way In The Confusing New Music Industry

Anyone who has been around this crazy music business for a while has seen it change and get more difficult and easier for independent artists at the same time.  The ones who manage to stick around for any amount of time have managed to adapt and find their own way.  The story of Jean-Michel Soupraya is a great example of pushing forward to success.


After a pretty successful early career in his native France, Soupraya relocated to Beverly Hills, California to experience the American music scene and how he could be a player in it.  When he arrived he did not speak a word of English but dove into the language, culture, and American music.  Jean-Michel spent much of his time alone and writing songs to the tune of having over 400 fully developed songs.  After finding difficulty in getting stage time for his songs and the “pay to play” schemes of Los Angeles he knew something had to be done to change it and JMWest Live was born.  The goal was to provide a platform where up and coming sign-able artists could have the opportunity for exposure based solely on talent.  He is always on the lookout for simple pure music.

With his new venture he found people who are committed, authentic, focused and pragmatic enough to make it in this business.  JMWest is currently releasing material with four artists that we have introduced to our readers, Kylie Marcus “No Disguise” (EP), Justice (EP), Finn “Lover” (Single), RuZanna “You Don’t Know How To Love” (Single).  It seems as if Jean-Michel Soupraya may have hit a nerve in the new music business as his artist are charting on Billboard and building up an army of fans.  Music saved my life,” says Soupraya, “it fills me with purpose, with passion – with its magic. I’m driven to cast that spell on others.”

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