Joe Melillo – An Example To Never Give Up On Your Musical Talent

Becoming a musician is not always the easiest career path.  Joe Melillo trained as a computer programmer but gradually discovered and nurtured his musical talents, this allowed him to switch professions and become a singer/songwriter.

Joe Melillo

He is fortunate enough to have not only one album under his belt but also three of his songs have featured in Children’s Books. Joe finds his musical inspiration from legends such as Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel.  Joe Melillo is a talented musician with strong vocals and top notch instrumental skills, here is a rundown of tracks from his recently released album 1 Step Toward 1000 Miles.

Back To Brooklyn is a nostalgic look at growing up and its lyrics reflect old fashioned notions.

Green Beer is a quirky look at St Patrick’s Day and the Irish Folk.

Exit opens up with some catchy guitar riffs and lyrically tells a story about trying to escape the toll of a 9 to 5 job.

Bad Guy has a somber intro and the lyrics and melody are pretty dark.

Ring To Ring is a tune for the wrestling fans.

Music Is My Life has a funky/disco influence as is evident from the beats.

Percy is a sad song about someone ill, the cost of medical supplies and how in desperate times people are forced to do things out of character.

Cancun features the delightful sounds of steel drums as Joe sings about the perfect holiday break.

The Friend Zone is a saddish song about unrequited love.

The Toughest Around makes great use of the harmonica.

Grandma features some entertaining guitar riffs.

For All Of This And More begins with a elegant piano intro and Joe’s rock vocals make this a fab track.

Tree To The Sky commences with uplifting instrumental beats and the tune is chock full of positive vibes.

Parker The Platypus is the first of three quirky songs.

Nothing like a maracas to spice things up musically with Rhymin’ Fool.

The 2nd song about Parker features some cool percussion beats.

Hagop Hagopian features a rocktastic instrumental arrangement.

Here’s the final part of Parker’s fun packed adventures and this time Joe has opted for the use of a honky tonk piano.

Off To Dreamland as the name suggests is lullaby inspired, which is made more evident by Joe’s soft vocals and the choice of instruments plus it’s also the perfect track for a superb album.

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