Kally O’Mally – A Testament To Having A Musical Passion Even With A Day Job

Not every artist out there has the goal to be a huge star and quit their day job to tour the world and make millions with their music.  For some it is just a passion that they choose to share with the world when they have the time to do so.  A musician with something that they are proud of is something that should be listened to.  Our recent find that fits this profile is Kally O’Mally.

Kally o Mally

The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is currently based in Northern California.  Her multi dimensional sound was helped from her upbringing through Ashland, Kentucky and Homestead, Florida.  This diversity helped create a unique mix of styles that Kally calls all her own.  It is awash with a country tone while adding heavy elements of indie pop and bluesy soul.  She has been crafting and recording music for a while now to develop her skills and learning along the way while she works full time at UC Davis Medical Center.

We were recently introduced to Kally O’Mally’s 4th full length release The Wild West Medicine Show.  On this one she actually took on all the responsibilities of an engineer as well putting in 14-16 hour days during her winter vacation from the day job.  On the opener “Fly” she whips up an atmospheric and mellow tone that welcomes the listener into her warm and cozy world.  The title track “Wild West Medicine Show” is a little more experimental with alternative drum beats and vocal effects leading the way.  This is quite a feat for a one woman band.  The chorus gets very catchy as well.  There is a lot of emotion shared on “I’d Rather Be Alone”.  This freedom to express what is truly in an artist’s mind is very refreshing.  The sweet vocals are truly relaxing but an energetic guitar solo really takes this one to the next level showing some real skill.  The closer “Gator’s Gonna Getcha” leaves you with even more styles to add to Kally O’Mally’s repertoire.  This one is has a funky groove accompanied with some innovative sounds seeming to come at you from every angle.  There is a story to be told here.  Go become a part of it at:

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