Ken Kase Shows Off His Journey on Latest EP

When making music is a passion over a lifetime your skill will only grow. As you mature and experiment you will find the sound that truly speaks to you and become a master of creating it. The multi-talented Ken Kase has returned to his signature pop rock sound with a brand new EP.

The artist grew up in a very musical family in Trumbull, Connecticut. This paved the way for Ken Kase to master guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums by his 18th birthday. Spending his teens volunteering at the renowned community station WPKN in Bridgeport, CT he was able to learn audio production as well. The passion has been there since the start. After moving to St Louis in the 1990s Kase found success with multiple projects including The Ken Kase Group, The Sun Sawed in 1/2, and his instrumental side Corpus Alienum.

Now returning to his pop-rock side, Ken Case released his self-titled EP this summer. The 5 track record brings the years of perfecting his talents to the forefront. He produced and played most of the instruments and sang nearly all of the background vocals on the EP with a few special guests adding some extra flavor. 

Opening up with the in-your-face rocker “Entitled,” Ken Kase shows his ability to play with the listener’s emotions with his ease of shifting the sound and vibe. There is a relaxing undertone that seems to soothe the soul as the song takes on its own journey. Remaining difficult to categorize, Kase shifts to the bouncy “Philosophy Machine.” The song chugs along with a straight up drum beat punctuated by some fancy guitar work and experimentation. There is a classic pop tone that brings back memories of fun times long ago. 

The energy filled “Quality Control” comes along with an official music video. Here we get to see the emotion and passion that Ken Kase puts into every word and guitar lick. The top-notch songwriting keeps the listener engaged throughout. There is no down time here. Perfect song. 

The EP closes with “The Big Whatever” and its slowed down relaxed vibe. The smoothed out vocals pair perfectly with the organ sounds to bring us to the Ken Kase world. Even some saxophone to bring it home. Original and adventurous with a way of welcoming all to be part of the sound. Join in.

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