Kid Conch – Finding A New Route In The Music Business

As musicians, we are all well aware of the major changes in the music industry over the last decade or so.  What was once controlled by large companies and major labels has splintered into a million pieces with everyone out there grabbing for their piece of what’s left.  An artist in today’s music business must seek out alternative ways to make a career.  A great example is our recent find Rick Schettino and his Kid Conch project.

Kid Conch

The singer/songwriter and guitarist hails from sunny Holmes Beach, Florida.  Rick Schettino has taken note of the decline of the music business.  Watching CD sales become negligible and now digital downloads on the fast decline, Rick started thinking out of the box on how to create a music career in this new economy.  

In 2012 Rick a solo project under the moniker Kid Conch putting some songs out there and learning as he went along.  He has now taken a page from the playbook of the world of Art to build a unique business model.  This upstart of the “nano-label” concept lets Kid Conch actually sell ownership of individual songs in his repertoire.  It seems to be catching on as he has already raised over $5000 since the start of 2016.  That’s fairly unheard of for a relatively unknown artist with no label support, no distribution, virtually no online sales or streaming, modest airplay, and only occasional gigs.  Kid Conch writes songs and then allows investors to fund the recording and production for a piece of the action.  He spends at least an hour a day pitching recordings to music libraries, music supervisors for film and TV, publishing companies, etc., to generate income from the songs. These placements range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands for a big movie or national ad campaign.  It seems to be catching on and his songs have been getting noticed by some of the important music supervisors that he needs to reach.

Kid Conch is building steam and getting noticed

If you listen to songs like “You Make Me Wanna Be A Rock Star” you can hear the potential for yourself.  The peppy energy combined with mystical backgrounds makes for something truly catchy and entertaining.  Kid Conch can slow it down as well with “Time To Go Home” that tells the story of a touring musician loving the road but yearning to get back home to his family.  The mellow guitar playing and vocals will surround the listener like a warm blanket.  On “Your Love Is Like A Roller Coaster” he shows off his fantastic guitar skills chugging along the strings with perfect precision.  He seems to be able to write in any style that he chooses.  

Go learn more and consider owning a piece of Kid Conch at:

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