King Camil – Great Flow From A Rapper Not Afraid To Send Out A Real Life Message

The hip-hop and rap scene has been crowded with over bragging hustlers spitting about how rich they are, how many hoes they have, and how many drugs they do for too long now.  It always catches my attention when a rapper goes in the other direction and writes lyrics with a real life slant and offers a positive message.  Our latest find King Camil has hit this spot in my musical heart.

King Camil

The Illinois based rapper has been in the game for a while perfecting his straight ahead style with a heavy voice and freestyle skills that are extraordinary.  King Camil also blazes his own trail with beat selections to match his sound to.  There are few big bass beats and spaceship sounds that seem to be all to prevalent in hip hop now.  King keeps the sound fresh with beats that are rarely used and reaches toward old school soul and blues.

Earlier this month King Camil released  his Midwestcoast The Midtape mixtape.  The 20 track record shows off the complete range of his flow.  The opening song “More Than This (Dry Your Eyes)” truly sets the tone.  The slowed down mellow beat allows the listener to pay attention to the positive lyrics.  This is real life storytelling by a man not afraid to share real life with his fans.   There is a hard rock guitar feel on “Outside Of Chicago” with a hook reminiscent of an old soul song.  Camil lets his flow speed up and shows his lyrical talent here.  Another direction is featured on “Catfish Blues” with its bluesy guitar and harmonica sound.  This is a songwriter that is not a follower of the current trends but instead unafraid to be a leader into a new path.  There are still some songs that will fit right in with the current scene such as “I Don’t Give A F $k Real Freestyle” and “On Top”.  A good return to the positivity is heard on “Always Love You Mom”.  Praise for your Mom is always appreciated.

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