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Koala Releases Compelling Video to Accompany ‘Pick up the Pieces’

Indie band Koala has just released a new single, “Pick up the Pieces,” with an official music video to accompany it. The English band is quickly growing their fanbase with each single they release and show that they play. They identify with the indie rock genre and draw musical inspiration from bands such as Two Door Cinema Club, Foals and The Wombats.


The band is comprised of Billy Gregory on lead vocals and guitar, Harry Knowles on lead guitar and backup vocals, Sam Brent on drums, and Fred Parrot on bass guitar and backup vocals. Knowles, Brent, and Parrot grew up together in Hertfordshire, while Gregory grew up in Portsmouth, and the four joined forces while at University, and decided to really focus on music during their last year.

Koala’s New Video Captivates Essence of ‘Pick up the Pieces’


Billy’s vocals immediately captivates listeners, with a very clean sound and impressive vocal range, which pairs perfectly with the instrumentals. While Koala emits a very upbeat, catchy sound, don’t be fooled into thinking this is a happy song. With lyrics such as “You’re acting like my rival / You’re in complete denial” and “I don’t want to be the one / To pick up the pieces / I don’t think I’m ready,” this song paints the feelings of heartache and anxiety in the aftermath of a relationship.


The music video flips back and forth between the members performing on a stage and a scene in a bar, showing them in a candid lighting, switching the speed, to capture a feeling of being stuck and lonely even amidst a crowd of people. “Pick up the Pieces” is Koala’s third single, with many more to come. Be sure to check out Koala’s Facebook page so that you can be the first to hear their new music releases, as well as stay up to date on their concert dates and other news.

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