Legs Electric: ‘Two Sides’ is a Real Taste of Golden Age Rock

It’s a common, often pretentious complaint among modern fans of rock that the genre has gone dramatically downhill since its glory days: the socially transforming gap between the 1970s deep into the late ’80s. Some bands, however, are making it up to the old-school rock scene as we speak — Legs Electric is one of them.


Based in Perth, Australia, the all-girl band consists of a variety of talented musicians, together giving life to an interesting blend of the modern alternative subgenre and a generous dash of golden era rock n’ roll. Formed in late 2012, their debut self-titled EP was released two years later, bringing them into the spotlight as they toured in support of other famous bands in the region. Their powerful and rather earnest live performances, particularly with the popular single, “Wanna Riot,” gave the group a name for themselves in Perth.

Legs Electric are Pure Rock Magic

The release of their new single, “Dark Paradise,” right off of their upcoming Two Sides EP, is a blast to the past with refreshing riffs and strong vocals by the talented Amy Quinsee. My initial reaction to the single was that it was oddly like grunge, but upon the second listen, the strong essence of traditional rock n’ roll was prevalent not only in “Dark Paradise,” which was a beautiful starter, but throughout the EP’s five tracks.


Another brilliant track is “Shine Right Through” — hugely reminiscent of Foo Fighters, not only in rhythm and bass but in the awesome vocal resonance and furious lyrics. The same can be said for the popular “Wanna Riot,” with Quinsee’s voice a tempest of sass and rage among waves of powerful guitar and an epic drumming performance. It’s no surprise fans favor this bad boy up on stage more than any other track by the band.


Suffice it to say the well-written EP is full of a glorious, relatable feminine angst that has become scarce since the days of Garbage, Joan Jett, and Veruca Salt. While all of these artists have varying musical choices, they share the straightforward, impersonal lyrics and the confident, sultry vocals of the millennial Legs Electric.


In simple terms, it’s really nice for a classic ’90s kid like myself to experience the comeback of the female rock culture after a long hiatus, and Two Sides is a perfect reintroduction of the lovably nostalgic genre in our day and age.

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