Little Brother Eli are Back with ‘Our Kind of Love’

Unique, energetic, and funky are a few words to describe the band Little Brother Eli. They are also one of the hardest working bands on the scene. Last year saw them perform over 100 gigs and showcase their talents at various festivals. It is difficult to pigeonhole the sound that Alex Grew (vocals), Joshua Rigal (bass), Adam Stowe (guitar), and Benji Page (drums) produce. Their bio describes it as a blend of rock, disco and electro elements with hip-hop rhythms. It feels they have a few more musical ingredients for their winning recipe.


They have spent this year riding the wave of momentum that they created from the year before, wowing more audiences during their live shows and releasing the single “Tooth”. This one offers more of an electronic vibe compared to previous tracks. It still included a funky groove and edgy rock combo which collectively makes up that infectious Little Brother sound.


Now they have returned with their new track “Our Kind of Love”. It feels like their previous release was the warm-up act for this latest offering. As soon as it begins you are instantly grabbed by it funky vibes. This is thanks to the infectious combination of Rigal and Page, as the bass lines and drums pulsate throughout. Stowe adds some cool riffs to complete this party vibe. You can tell that these guys have been together for a while now as they sound so tight and play to each other’s strengths.


If that doesn’t grab your attention then the vocals will. The harmonies from the band help enforce the songs cool feel, especially during the choruses. However, it is Grew’s voice that will steal your attention. He is one of those rare showmen who understands what it means to entertain and he knows how to sing too. He has a tone that blends smooth soulful elements with an edgy rock swagger. It is the kind of combination that can’t be taught, you either have it or you don’t. He certainly does!


Overall, this is yet another great release. It will join the impressive collection of songs that this band has already created. If you are looking for something a little funky or different to what can be found, then “Our Kind of Love” is for you!

The world needs bands like Little Brother Eli to bring fun to the world of music.

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