A young love lost “Little Girl Blue” by Achilles Tenderloin

Once upon a time, writing a full-length album was requisite for any serious recording artist. Times have changed though. In this world of streaming, most artists have resorted to releasing a trickle of spaced-out singles leading to an EP / LP. A strategy that feels like leaving proverbial breadcrumbs to lure listeners to the pot. This strategy makes sense for a number of reasons. Mainly releasing a stream of singles keeps your name out and gives the listeners what they want, more music. Achilles Tenderloin aka Joe Augustin is taking the singles route with his new EP, Summer Solstice Singles. We’ve already received “Blue Silhouettes” and “Don’t Be Long” from the upcoming EP. Today we are happy to introduce “Little Girl Blue“. 

Joe takes us down memory lane to his childhood. He recalls the first time he was smitten by “Little Girl Blue” who operated a lemonade stand. They grew up together in a small town, through their adolescence and into adulthood. From his story I get a sense that he regrets not pursuing her love. I think we all experience young love to a certain degree. Sometimes this young love is unattainable and sometimes we just don’t make a move. Listening to the lyrics did remind me of the movie Forest Gump and his love for Jenny.

When Joe sings, there’s a quiver in his voice. His low voice sets the tone, somber. Floating backing vocals hang like dark ominous rain clouds. A theatrical quality to the way the verses arrive gives the guitar breaks an interlude feel. As the song unfolds, the dynamics pick up but never beyond a certain threshold. The only instrument allowed to reign freely beyond the song’s dynamic rev limiter is the lead guitar. Taking advantage of this freedom, the lead guitar notes add color to the dark tones of the track.

Richmond, Indiana’s rich history has impacted Achilles Tenderloin, giving his music a genuine americana feel. He knows his way around an acoustic guitar. Merging blues with indie folk complements his storytelling style. Solidifying his position in the region, he stays busy producing concerts, a lyricist’s corner series and of course being a performing/recording artist. I’m not sure how many more singles will be released from the upcoming Summer Solstice Singles EP, but he can keep coming. I’d like that.

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