Lizzy Small – Multi Talented Artist Releases Sultry New Dance Pop Track

Some individuals just have a natural talent that needs to be explored.  The lucky few discover they are multi-talented when given the opportunity to explore the arts.  Our recent find Lizzy Small seems to have it all and is on the right path.

Lizzy Small 

The current student at UC Santa Barbara started in the performing arts at the age of 8 when her dancing skills were discovered right from her studio.  The dancing led to acting gigs as well.  Lizzy Small has appeared in over 70 national commercials and music videos.  Her most recent role was in the major film “Spare Parts” released by Lionsgate.  

What caught our attention was Lizzy’s musical talent.  Indie Band Guru had the chance to hear her newest track “Always Be There” before its release this coming week.  Have an advance listen here:  



The song is a dance pop song with some electro vibe thrown in more good measure.  The production is top notch as she got to work with true professionals.  Lizzy Small’s vocals draw the listener in with her sultry lyrical delivery.  This track will gain the attention both at the clubs and has potential for mainstream radio play.  

Keep up with what is coming for this triple-threat at:

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