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The Lonely Biscuits Releases Video for Catchy New Single ‘Blue Glass’

Nashville-based indie rock trio The Lonely Biscuits has already made a name for themselves after two successful EPs. After many years touring, playing festivals, and writing, their hard work is really paying off. They’ve just announced their first full-length record, entitled The Universe In You, which comes out March 30.

Alongside this announcement came the release of the album’s leading single, a poppy and catchy song called “Blue Glass.”

‘Blue Glass’ is The Lonely Biscuits Through a Pop Lens

Created with Cage the Elephant’s Nick Bockrath, “Blue Glass” shows a new side of The Lonely Biscuits. For a typically rock-influenced band, this song is particularly poppy. Infectiously catchy melodies, an upbeat pulse, and an anthem-like quality all point towards a sound much closer to pop.

For the band, this new sound really works.

Taking the alt rock sound they have spent the past years establishing and putting a spin on it has proven really effective in “Blue Glass.”

The song has an undeniable energy, and its chorus easily sticks in your head. The momentum continues to build to a sudden end, leaving you wanting another listen.

“The song is one big build, with the verses showing the uncertainty in my life, and the choruses acting as the release where you finally figure out what you should be doing and you go for it,” says The Lonely Biscuits on “Blue Glass.”

Musically, the song really conveys that feeling of relief that comes with figuring out your path and your purpose. Maybe that undeniable energy comes from The Lonely Biscuits finding their own path in a new musical sound.

The new year is already a big one for The Lonely Biscuits, as they’ve also announced a new zine, Ordinary Thoughts. It’s created by lead singer Grady Wenrich, who finds inspiration in all of the art being created around him.

The Lonely Biscuits’s first full-length album, The Universe in You, comes out March 30.






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