Lorde- Unafraid To Be Seen By The World Without Her Makeup On

We love listening to music here at Indie Band Guru.  Reality is that to stay on top of our journalistic game we need to do more than listen to the songs.  We need to dive deep into the stories behind them and the artists who write them.  I am not ashamed to say that we will sometimes dive into the Gossip sites to see who trashed a hotel room or ended up arrested for public intoxication after a show.  This is fun reading and gives us the insight to see that rock stars are people just like us.

One such website that we do like to check out is TheGossipBlog.  The writers hold no judgement on the people that they write about but instead just share the news in a fashion for the reader to make their own decisions.

A great example came up the other day on the site.  It was about indie rock sensation Lorde posting a real picture of herself online without the benefit of being made up by her handlers.  Check out the article here:  It is great to see a talented young artist that is unafraid to be seen as a real person by her fans.

Lorde With No Make Up

The caption read “in bed in paris with my acne cream on“.  She actually looks like she is really 17 years old here (much has been made if that was true as well recently).  Let’s let this beautiful girl be a real teenager and enjoy her life without being a phony.  Here is a pic of Lorde at the Grammys a few weeks ago.

Tell us which girl would you rather hang out with and have a real conversation with?  Do celebrities need to never let themselves be seen in this light?  Will society ever accept a musician just for their talent and not for the image that is portrayed by the media?  You decide?

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