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Behind The Scenes With Love Stallion For ‘Big Rock Radio’

With 2018’s release of their debut album, “Unforgettable Ride,” Denver glam rock band Love Stallion came charging out of the gate, winning over fans and critics alike. With their unbridled exuberance and authentic embodiment of 70s and 80s glam rock stylings, Love Stallion’s “Slow Release” topped the IndiMusicTv video charts and reached the iTunes Canada rock songs Top 5. “Slow Release” has received over 29,000 Spotify streams. The video was also a critical success, being selected for international film festival viewing.

Lead singer, Aaron Hart gives us never-before-told, behind the scenes access into the video shoot for Love Stallion’s follow-up single and video, “Big Rock Radio”

Amazing Videography For “Big Rock Radio”

When John Hunt of Arcadian Pictures, the producer of “Big Rock Radio”, suggested we hire an extra camera to film behind-the-scenes footage, I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. As an indie artist, we were not only fronting all the costs ourselves, but juggling cars, cameras, wardrobe, makeup, schedules, actors, and a live show in one weekend. Man, are we grateful we went for it!  Alex Curry of Exyst Media joined us for the entire 3-day weekend, getting over 10 hours of footage before condensing it down to just under 20 minutes. We all couldn’t believe all of the amazing moments he captured, many of which we had forgotten, and the incredible energy & substance it brought to the actual music video.

Alex, John, and Sean Biffar (director of photography) made such an effort to not only make this an outstanding video, but they really took the time to get to know Love Stallion and our crew.   Sean and John have been good friends for years, so Sean flew in from New York for a 5-day stay; meanwhile, John & Alex came down to Denver from Fort Collins. Everyone, including Miosoti, crashed at my place, where air mattresses and sleeping bags covered the entire floor (check out the video for a visual).  We spent just about every waking moment together from Thursday to Monday with no issues – just lots of laughs and good vibes. This turned out to be so important when Alex & John went through the footage and isolated the best moments and laughs, all the while creating a seamless and cohesive story-line for the behind-the-scenes final. I still watch the video and laugh out loud at ridiculous cuts and one-liners that Alex caught throughout the process.

The Arcadian Pictures crew is truly talented, and far and away exceeded expectations. For bands out there considering doing a behind-the-scenes video: DO IT!

It is truly special to have the video as a memento.

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