Luna Rise – Bringing The Rock With A Dark Yet Approachable Vibe

The search for great music never slows down.  Thanks to the internet and an increasingly smaller world we are able to scour the globe to find entertaining sounds from every corner of it.  As the mainstream music of America has turned to an electro-pop happy mess we recently ventured to Austria to find some good old fashioned dark rock in the band Luna Rise.

Luna Rise

The band began with the ideas of guitarist and vocalist Chris Divine.  His search for similar minds in music did not take long and he filled Luna Rise with the talents of L.X– Keys & Synths, Loup-Garou- Drums, Andy Earth– Guitars and Rob Rocket- Bass.  Together they form a sound that ties together classic hard rock, progressive metal, and a doom/gothic vibe that can be truly felt.  Fans have been growing rapidly and they have been hard at work helping the band grow.

The band recently signed with NRT Records and released their album Smoking Kills But Love Can Break A Heart.  The 7 track record is a good introduction to their music.  The opener “When You Fall” shows off the mix of sounds the band is able to provide led by some fancy synth playing.  The lead single of the album is “Dead Alley”.  Although it has a dark feel it is quite pop rock friendly with its simple melody and hummable vocals.  Luna Rise has also released a very well made music video for the track.  Watch it here:

The prettiness of the music continues on “Beautiful Monster”.  The mellow beat draws in the listener for a closer look.  The band throws in an acoustic version of “When You Fall” and a powerful remix of “Dead Valley“ by Redkay.

You can find Luna Rise in many places online:

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