Lyndon Rivers – Inspiration Strikes Again For Songwriter

Anyone who has been involved in this crazy music industry for any amount of time knows that things rarely go exactly as planned.  The key is to keep the music in your heart so it can come in and out of your life when the inspiration strikes.  A good example is the music of Lyndon Rivers.

The songwriter was born in Bristol. England but made the big move to Perth in Western Australia in 1997.  Lyndon Rivers became fascinated by lyrics when he was 15 years old and would write songs as they came to him.  Although he had a couple of professional demos done at the time, nothing would come of them.  After some time away from songwriting, the inspiration grabbed Lyndon again and he dove back into it in 2010.  Things happened quickly and he was signed to a record label in the US, PLG Music Group, for 18 months, but things did not go according to plan. Most importantly during this time Lyndon learnt some valuable lessons about the music industry and how it really works.

Lyndon Rivers Finds His Muse

This powered him to drive forward on his own.  Lyndon Rivers has been pushing out single after single reaching new rising stars to perform them.  This past week, on April 23rd, he released his seventh track “Now That You Are Mine” featuring  Adam Parker.  The energetic beat jumps at you right from the start.  There is a happiness that seems to stream from the music that gets the listener fully involved in the song.  The tone of the track has that pop-friendly dance floor feel that catches the attention of a lot of listeners.  

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