Mad Hugs Is Ready To Warp Minds

Creating music can become an artistic passion, as well as an addiction. Once we realize the effect we can have by sharing the sounds we have bouncing around our heads all we want to do is share it. The world deserves this. Mad Hugs has been releasing an abundance of music over the years. We share some thoughts on his latest self-titled release here.

Based in Rochester in Upstate, NY, the electronic musician has been creating music for over 20 years. Jeffrey Hull who considers himself a confident introvert is the brainchild behind the Mad Hugs project. Influences are claimed from such electronic legends as Ratatat, Four Tet, Alias, Amon Tobin, and dj poolboi among others. As a true artist, Jeffrey also pours his creativity into painting with acrylic and writing poetry.

For this latest album as Mad Hugs, he has made it a point to create all the sounds without the use of a computer. Something quite rare in today’s tech-happy world. Everything is original from the synths to the home made drum beats. The record opens with a suggestion. “Dive Into Life Again” warms us up with a clap beat coupled with a warped melody that seems to soothe the mind. 

The speed and exoticness pick up on “Incomprehensible” as synth sounds are warbled to create an interesting effect. A cool repetitive beat is interrupted by a wide assortment of sounds popping in and out of the mix. Accept that your brain may be altered by the end of this listen. The speed is slowed down on “Vibrant Rant” but the wild mix of sounds remains. 

Come in for a Mad Hug

Mad Hugs cites “Katatonic” as his favorite track of the record, and we can see why. A smooth piano melody leads the way. Other synth sounds are layered upon the beat to make for an almost cozy and warm feel. You are safe here in the clutches of Mad Hugs.

Some real diversity is shown on the pair of “Almost Spooky” and “Almost Beautiful”. The titles speak for themselves but the ‘almost’ can be removed in this reviewer’s opinion. To close it out, Mad Hugs gives us “She Was Gonna Have My Baby.” The bouncy track brings more experimental sounds to the album as the song twists and turns everywhere to get us to our final direction. 

Dove deeper into Mad Hugs and Jeffrey Hull’s world HERE.

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