Madeleine Is ‘Stoned & Bored’

Independent, Nashville singer-songwriter Madeleine has been diligently creating music and touring since 2016. Her debut LP was recorded in a small home studio in 2016, and her sophomore album made waves in 2018 earning her the 2018 ASCAP Foundation Leon Brettler Award. Now, she’s here to prove she’s even better than ever with her upcoming album Stoned & Bored.

Stoned & Bored will be released June 10th, 2022 but lucky for us all Madeleine has dropped a single off of the album to give us a taste of what’s to come. “Bad For You” is the first track released off of her upcoming album and showcases some of the best of Madeleine to date.

Listen to “Bad For You” off of Stoned & Bored below

Everything about this song is instantaneously likeable. It’s quirky, folky, fun Americana. The instrumentals are groovy and light, perfectly complimenting Madeleine’s delicate yet twangy vocals. And with weather slowly warming up around the country, “Bad For You” is the perfect summertime, sunshine track. You’ll find it caught in your head on loop after one listen.

If “Bad For You” is just a taste of what’s to come with Stoned & Bored, then I know we are in for something truly special with this upcoming album release. You’ll play this track on repeat 5,000 times, but fret not there’s more in store before June’s album release date. Two tracks are slated to drop in the coming weeks. “Starpower” is set to drop on May 13th, 2022 and the title track will drop June 3rd, 2022. Don’t miss out on Madeleine’s journey on the Stoned & Bored release!

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