Madelyniris – Amazing Voice Mixed With Beautiful Chillwave Sound

A growing artist should always keep their ears and minds open to all types of music both old and new.  All music has its aspects that are unique and will not be found if you limit your tastes to only one genre of music.  The ability to take pieces from different styles and create your own special sound is a true talent.  A good example of this skill is Madelyniris.

Madelyn Iris

The indie folk singer-songwriter is based in Missouri where she is currently a student at the University of Missouri-Columbia studying vocal performance.  Although her classical training brought her to discover the beauty of past greats such as Tchaikovsky and Schultz, she also claims influence from modern marvels like Imogen Heap, Frank Ocean, La Dispute, and The Weeknd.  Madelyniris makes music purely for the joy of it.  She answers to no one when she sits down to write songs that may not be ready for the masses but exude an aura of amazing.  Her award winning soprano voice combines with sounds that bring the music to a higher level.

This past summer Madelyniris released her first project, the 8 song EP LAYLAH.  From the opening notes of “Once” the listener is transformed to a beautiful place where music is allowed to wash all over them.  Her reverb drenched vocals come in to warm the song with even more beauty.  The track “Sunburn” brings to mind the exotic voices of Imogen Heap and even Bjork.  Madelyniris seems to be reaching right into your soul with her words.  The record gets even more exotic with “Sirens”.  The dark and somewhat menacing soundscape created here will lull even the harshest of minds into a trance-like and submissive state.  Overall this is a great record for those times when you have the time to relax and absorb a full album.  There are plans for a new full-length sometime in 2014.  Go get a listen and keep up with Madelyniris at:

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