IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… M.A.N. II

The freedom to create your own music is a gift that not enough people take advantage of. Our recent find M.A.N. II is making the most out of his gift and sharing it with the world. We had a chance to chat with the multi-genre singer and get a deeper look into who he is. Enjoy the interview:

I think I know the easy answer but what made you decide to go with the moniker M.A.N. II?

Originally the name I went by was Miké. Pronounced my-kay. iTunes never got it right, and no one ever said it right either. After about 4 years I changed it to my initials M.A.N. II. I believe it kind of came to me one day when I was smoking in my backyard. It felt right because it was a name that was given to me and it had attached meaning to my life. Similar to Prince and Madonna, it adds a cool lore to an artist’s image. Mine being a sort of Man 2.0, a reinvention of what it means to be male.

How would you describe your sound?

Uniquely catchy. Those two words seem to come up a lot when I show people my music and I agree. I wouldn’t pin it down to one genre, I’ve done many. Pop, electronic, hip-hop, rap, rock, scream and trap. I have been told I make “weird music” which I’m cool with. To me my music at its core rebellious in nature and seeks to give light to the mysteries of being human. (i.e. songs Modern Human, 204EVER, Angel Love, Myth, The God Concept)

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

Madonna has always had the top spot in book. Along with the other Summer ‘58 Legends, Michael Jackson and Prince, David Bowie is also a big influence. Still though, the way Madonna has persisted so strongly all these years has inspired me in my lowest times. I’ve paid tribute to her with cover songs (The Power of Good-bye and Waiting) and sampled her songs Mother and Father and La Isla Bonita in my songs Give It Up and 204EVER respectively.

What is it that drives you to create your original music?

I’m almost always inspired by real life events I’m experiencing. Although there have been times where when I was writing I was in such an inspired place I wrote and finished songs that I couldn’t place within my current reality, but down the line, I uncovered what these songs were predicting or sensing about my life that I was unaware of. It’s definitely a spiritual thing for me. I don’t ever make myself write when I don’t want to and it’s paid off.

Your song “Free & Brave” seems to have a real meaning behind it. What can you tell us about it?

This song came about from pure drive and ambition and a little beginner’s luck. I wrote it within my first 6 months of writing and releasing music officially. I responded to a Craigslist ad for Producer seeking singer/songwriter. I ended up working with Chris Young who had credits with David Bowie, Madonna and Countess Luann from Real Housewives of NYC. I was stoked. We worked on an instrumental together for about an hour or two and I came back a week later with the fully written lyrics. They were very surprised by the result, the song is definitely hype and electric. Immediately we agreed it would be an LGBT Pride anthem and it did end up getting played at Baltimore Pride in 2014.

What do you hope the listener takes away from your music?

That there’s another side to life that doesn’t have to seem unknown and scary. That’s something my music has taught me. It allows me to open up myself to new ways of being. My music constantly questions the norm and at times creates new ideas and concepts.

Share some advice for other artists doing thier own thing?

Enjoy the independence. Grow as many abilities as you can and don’t ever limit yourself. I’ve been writing music since high school and whenever I would finish an idea for an album or song I would have this new look that came with it too. I would then just do photo shoots of myself to go along with it and now I can make my own album covers. Same with making music, I’ve always played both sides. Producer and lyricist. Sometimes I get tracks from others or collaborate but it’s always good when you’re an artist to be able to create satisfactory work on your own.

Give us a look at the future of M.A.N. II?

I’ve entered Prince level madness with the amount of songs and albums that I have sitting in my iTunes. I’ve released “Mega M.A.N. Dos” and “Bliss” from two new albums. They range from screamo-heavy metal-trap to R&B/Ambient. I do still have a craving for a total pop album more in the league of “Free & Brave” and “Blow A Kiss”. Something I take into account as well is what do I want to convey to my audience? With this pandemic happening right now it’s an interesting time to be an artist and we must take what we send out to the world with care.

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