Mark Senger Will Make You ‘Believe’

For a songwriter, music will always be a constantly developing organism. If an artist stays stagnant and does not open up to new styles and opportunities, success will remain just a dream. You must be willing to constantly learn and take influence from all aspects of your life. Our recent discovery Mark Senger has put in the time and is now ready to share his unique sound.

It did not hinder his development having a father who was an accomplished Jazz guitarist. Mark Senger caught the passion early and began teaching himself to play guitar at 7 years old. Having influences such as Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Jeff Beck demanded true dedication to handle the technical skills of those idols.

Practice Makes Perfect For Mark Senger

By the time Mark Senger reached his late teens he had a group of other dedicated artists around him to form the band The Generics. Together they played throughout the Southeast for 6 years and hooked up with Network Entertainment to achieve a pretty big name for themselves. The group jammed with Molly Hatchet and opened for such notable bands as Drivin n’ Cryin, Guadalcanal Diary, and Dreams So Real.

After continuing his personal development as a songwriter, producer, and engineer, Mark Senger is now releasing some solo music that ties together all his experience.



Mark’s most recent song is “Believe”. It is a soaring pop-rock track that puts a wide variety of experience and skills to work. The lyrics are sung with a ballad style that pours out emotion with their heartfelt delivery. There are many sounds in the mix all finding their individual place to create a full sonic tapestry. At over 7 minutes long we are lulled into a trance that leaves us wanting more.

Keep an ear out for more Mark Senger music coming soon on his SOUNDCLOUD

Or dive deeper into his story on his WEBSITE.

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