Matt Maeson Releases Restlessly Raw EP ‘The Hearse’

Like many others, Matt Maeson uses music to explore his feelings and demons, but his life experiences are different than most. He grew up in a religious family, where he wasn’t allowed to listen to radio rock. Instead, he played countless concerts for prison audiences in his family band, later rebelling and ending up in jail himself.


Maeson’s complex past, fueled by music all the while, has led him here: an alternative indie world that allows him to explore his thoughts, both old and new, through his unique and honest sound.


Driven by his raw but unwaveringly strong voice, Matt Maeson’s music is an exposed glimpse into his world. His sound is intense, yet hypnotic, striking a balance that’s perfectly fitting for his purpose.


All of this has been channeled into his newest EP, entitled The Hearse. It’s a six track record full of emotional highs and lows, powered by Maeson’s vocals and an ever-present slow but purposeful groove.


Matt Maeson’s The Hearse is Powerfully Honest


In The Hearse, Matt Maeson tackles his demons head on, resulting in a sense of unrelenting truth that fuels both musical and personal strength.


It opens with “Put It On Me,” a song with a catchy chorus that insistently demands, “if there’s no one to blame, blame it on me.”


The steady compound beat hits hard every time, giving the song a heavy and purposeful drive. Maeson’s voice sails over high notes, hinting at a bit of vulnerability but rooted in strength. Synth riffs and guitar lines come to a head in a brief instrumental interlude, carrying the song to a peak in its final lines.

It’s a heavy contrast to what follows, a track called “Hallucinogenics,” a strong point of the album. It begins with merely Maeson’s voice and guitar, allowing a focus on the lyrics.


Matt Maeson’s lyrics are poetic, often referencing religion, from his own thoughts to the stereotypical ideal of a Christian man. Considering his past, these hints are interesting and anchor these songs to Maeson’s personal experiences.


Even then, “Hallucinogenics” more personal still in that it tackles a particularly down point in Maeson’s life and musical career: after the tour for his last album.


“I’d worked very hard to get my life back on track after years of bad decisions at that point…I was so drained and after everyone went home I stayed in Seattle to unwind,” Maeson explained. “One of the nights I just kind of broke and made a lot of decisions that I regret.”


Driven by interesting musical lines and a heavy-hitting chorus, the raw honesty leads to a sense of optimism by the end of the song.

“Unconditional” shows another side of Matt Maeson still, with largely bare instrumentals that put all the focus on the story he aims to tell. The constant bassline drives each verse, ending abruptly at the chorus to allow Maeson’s voice to truly soar over his honest questions.
“Maybe love needs the fear / Well maybe love is a broken thing / Maybe love needs the pain that’s carrying me,” he sings.
It’s the height of raw feelings for the record, creating an intimate scene with a beautiful, pleading voice.

The songs on The Hearse EP are heavy, with a raw honesty that’s undeniably beautiful. With Maeson’s strong voice and interesting musical directions, the record is something special.
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