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Music is supposed to be fun sometimes.  Emerging from London, Matt Tiller’s debut album has a sound all its own. Imagine what Doctor Who plays as he travels through time, that is the exact sound which Tiller illustrates in his music. The lyrics give the listener a bigger idea of who Tiller is exactly, by understanding his comical perspective. While he now lives and thrives in London, England, Matt Tiller’s comedic style reaches far beyond the pond. To be more specific, his song “ We’re in this Together” places his sense of humor to melody. The only other example of this is that of the writers of South Park also writing the Book of Mormon. Looking away from the astounding melody and tune, the lyrics themselves are hysterical. Each of the five tracks tells a story that could double as a coffee table joke.

Matt Tiller

It is truly a gift to be able to combine one’s’ gifts of music and personality and Tiller shines at both. Even when the pace of the music slows, Matt Tillers own charisma carries the music constantly capturing the attention of the listeners.

       As for the songs aside from “ We’re in this Together”, the duet “Flat Packing Anger Management” has a particularly great tune. It allowed me to capture the vocal talent behind the comedic face of Tiller. Moreover, the pace of the melody matched with the lyrics had me laughing loudly throughout the whole song. This pattern repeated itself in the song “Consensual Stalking” another satirical take on the modern love song. Speaking of modern love songs, “ High as a Kite” is the perfect romantic song for someone who believes laughter is the best medicine. The added wind instrument only makes the tune more enjoyable. All in all, these debut songs by Matt Tiller are as funny as they are lovely. The perfect songs for when you’re stuck in traffic or on a long road trip and just need a smile. Personally, I’ll be playing these songs every Monday morning on the way into work.

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  • reviewed by Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

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