MBILI – Branching Out From TV/Film Music To Full Band Productions

If you keep your ears open you will discover music in more and more places in today’s media filled society.  A market that has been growing rapidly is the need for music in short films and narrative pieces.  The musicians that create this music manage to create a mood with just sound.  This is a true talent.  These artist often made a living from these creations but venture out into the independent music scene to share more personal music.  Our recent find Oscar Webster Bell and his band MBILI is a prime example of this.


The professional composer, producer and audio specialist was born in London in 1995.  Oscar Studied Music at The BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology and is currently Studying Music Production at Leeds College of Music.  He uses material sounds, acoustic instruments, and vocals to create his own digital instruments and percussion that make for quite a unique style.

Oscar Webster Bell’s music has already been featured in some short film documentaries and commercials creating a perfect addition to the visuals and story.  One that stood out to me was his musical accompaniment to a Square Mile Coffee Roasters video explaining their latest product.  The music creeps in the background keeping the attention on the story being told while adding to the momentum of it.  

Recently he stepped out even further and launched a band project called MBILI to release more mainstream sounding songs.  The debut track “Telephone” begins with just some minimalistic background noise but quickly builds to a full explosion of instruments and sultry male and female vocals filling your speakers.  The aura created is mesmerizing.

Find more of Oscar Webster Bells music at:

and enjoy his MBILI band at –

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