A Strong Remedy in Me for Queen’s ‘Jessica’

Me for Queen enchants you in the purest, most beautiful way in “Jessica.”

Just like the name Jessica embodies a person, Me for Queen’s song takes on the shape of a life of its own. Its lyrics are descriptive and detailed, talking about a wonder-filled woman venturing through the world. The soft acoustic strums perfectly pair with the story line, as the song creates its own joy and hope for the character.

We are Jessica

The whole idea of “Jessica” is fascinating, as each verse represents a different stage in her life. Me for Queen starts off by gently singing, “I took a pilgrimage to the British Museum / Seems I’m a tourist in this town, now I’m set to leave.” As Jessica enters a historic world, she suddenly begins to see magnificent colors jump off of the artifacts. Me for Queen’s voice is breathless, perhaps mirroring the breathlessness that the character has when experiencing rich culture.

Yet as the song continues, Jessica undergoes trials. The lyrics soon include, “That hunch in the shoulders / where did you learn that fear?” Amidst the universe’s beauty surrounding her, Me for Queen depicts a human being in a state of suffering. While the vocals are still just as gentle, they are more hurried and quick to display this emotional intensity and vulnerability.

By the end of the song, Jessica has stopped eating and has hit rock bottom. However, Me for Queen provides a remedy for her pain, surrendering all troubles to the stars and night above. The smooth vocals sing, “Grains of sand scatter light across the sky / Oh, Jessica, we’ve only got tonight.”

Me for Queen Understands

Me for Queen labels music and the world as a solution to any suffering and weakness. In the search of hope and joy, thee only resolution can be found when embracing the universe around you and all of its extravagant components.

Just like Jessica, we experience both exciting and tiring moments in our lives. What Me for Queen understands is that those moments are just moments. They don’t last forever, which can be a positive or a negative fact to understand.

However, one of life’s most permanent aspects is within the senses. What you feel, what you hear, what you see: These all leaving lasting impressions that will never leave your soul. Me for Queen fights to save these emotional experiences, with her absolutely stunning voice and sound embodying such times.

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