FEATURE – Merit Maker Proves That ‘Attitude Is Everything’

This past year and a half seems to have been a never ending struggle. One thing has remained constant, good music. Those bands that took the time to put some focus into creating new music are coming out of this pandemic swinging for the fences. Our friends from Merit Maker have been hard at work and have a new album Attitude Is Everything ready for us.

IndieBandGuru previously covered the last full length album Judgement Calls by Merit Maker. It seems like Joe Stanton and the boys did not take time to sit on their laurels. The Philadelphia based band kept the flow and development growing with the Quarantined EP and now another full length in Attitude Is Everything. The Merit Maker lineup is currently Joe Stanton on bass and vocals, Zack Seif on guitars, and Mikey Horn on drums. Tim Burke lends his talent as a backing vocalist as well. Together they return to their powerful mix of skate punk, hardcore punk, pop punk, and alt rock. 

As the guitar line of the opener “Second Glance” comes in we know this will be a fast paced attack. There is no denying the pure punk rock energy as Merit Maker punches through. I am particularly amazed at how drummer Mikey Horn’s arms pound away at blistering speed.

The classic anti-authority ethos can be felt on “Raging On” and “Rebellious Ways.” The good old days of punk are featured with the back and forth call to action vocals that every fan is welcome to sing along with. The energy just keeps building. Even the melodic elements do not offer a chance to slow down. Hold on tight.

Attitude Is Everything With Merit Maker

The craziness continues on “So Blinded” as a breakneck pace is turned up to full force. Speedy flashy guitar, double bass pounding drums, and grinding bass are all featured here. “Upward Climb” slows it down a little to let the sound build. Joe Stanton allows his vocals to be absorbed at this slower pace. The energy keeps moving the track ahead as everything comes crashing together in a beautiful mesh of sound. 

By the time we reach the closer “Slipping Away” and its bass-infused open we are ready for the rest the song allows. There are some downright pretty melodies here that again build on top of eachother. Some almost prog-rock elements can be heard here. Merit Maker is no one trick pony band. They show depth and growth that demands multiple album listens and a keen ear for what they will do next.  

Merit Maker proves that indeed “Attitude Is Everything”
Stream the full album HERE on Soundcloud.

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