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Metronomy Set to Release Stunning “Summer 08”

Metronomy has the kind of sound that sends you right out of this world and into the next. Formed in 1999, the English electronic outfit has nearly 20 years of studio experience behind them — and it shows.

They’re set to release an all new album this summer, Summer 08, and it’s got us on the edge of our seats. It will be available on July 1, and you can preorder the limited edition Deluxe Box Set on Pledgemusic for one more week.

Their fifth studio album, we can be sure to expect the absolute best from Metronomy. They haven’t let us down yet.

Metronomy is Magic

The band uses an assortment of instruments, synthesized and otherwise, to create a rambunctious and upbeat style of music you just can’t ignore.

What began as a very underground style of music, grounded largely in unique instrumentation and little to no lyrics, has grown to become an all-new genre of electro-pop with loving fans around the world.

Joseph Mount, founder and lead vocalist of Metronomy, has done an excellent job of honing his composition skills to create pieces that have allowed their music to transcend the limits of their underground style.

The Next Level

Songs like “Heartbreaker,” released in 2008, gained over 1 million views on YouTube in a matter of months. This song in particular is a prime example of the daring approach the members of Metronomy take as musicians. The song seems to be inspired by some ‘80s synth-pop infatuation but is packaged in a way that perfectly appeals to the modern day listener.

Metronomy’s 2014 album Love Letters peaked at number 7 on the billboards in the UK.  The album is rich with unconventional, and even flat-out strange, approaches to music that never fail to produce an amazing harmony.

Songs like “Love Letter” begin with an elaborate flute solo floating overtop an airy synthesized tone. After a full 60 seconds of this dream-like drift into the mind of Metronomy, they burst into a wondrous chorus stemming from a blend of ‘60s pop and psychedelic funk.

Metronomy doesn’t just break the rules; it’s like they never even knew they existed.

Summer 08

We’re expecting next month’s album to be one for the books.

Over the past 20 years, Metronomy has amassed millions of fans, hundreds of live performances, and devoted countless hours to perfecting their craft. Though they may not have made a big splash here in the U.S. yet, it’d come as a major shock if the album didn’t go gold in England.

If there’s any way to come to a close on this one, it’s like this:

Wait, watch, and listen.

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