Accomplished Songwriter And Producer MkX Drops “Down” Ft. CupcakKe

Sharing his newest single “Down” featuring CupcakKe is hip-hop and electronic pop artist MkX. This up and coming rapper creates songs that derive heavily in his electronic and R&B influences.

“Down” is a mix of very little melodic moments, which he fills in with some great sound effects and production skills that he’s been honing for some time. The feature of CupcakKe gives this single a different perspective, while remaining true to MkX’s sound. 

MkX has toured with Ariana Grande, Christina Perri, Rixton, and so many more, while co-writing some mega-hits like “Young & Wild” for the group TWICE, and continues to push his limits as an accomplished songwriter, producer, and pop scholar. He has found his voice in music, and empowers his listeners to “dare to be different.”

Check out the Single “Down” OUT NOW!

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