Mohawk Bends Want You To “See What You Do To Me”

After nearly two years of playing together, newborn Indie Rock band Mohawk Bends hit the sweet spot while writing their new album to be released in Winter 2020. The Austin, Texas based band swore to follow their gut instincts, and after stumbling upon the opening riff of the song they found they were able to allow the music itself to influence the lyrics as well as other components of the song.  They admit the song itself is not about any particular character but rather a combination of experiences involving the city’s nightlife and the women in their lives. 

Mohawk Bends balance light and dark in new single “See What You Do To Me”

The opening riff or theme is heard throughout the song but begins stripped down with only a guitar.  At first, it has almost a peaceful quality to it, but thirteen seconds into the song both the volume and energy escalate drastically into a headbanging jam.  If it’s your first time listening, this entrance will catch you off guard in the best way.

The theme is militaristic and reminiscent of any tune similar to that of King Gizzard’s “Billabong Valley”, giving the music a quality of darkness.  Parting from a more psychedelic style, “See What You Do To Me” has less of a wet or dreamy reverb and instead has a metronomic tremolo distortion, starting with the guitar’s intro and building as a wall of sound later on.  The vocals are at moments almost identical to those of Alex Turner’s of Arctic Monkeys and there is a Britpop influence felt generally, which suggests a lighter tone to balance out the dark.

For Mohawk Bends, writing their new single “See What You Do To Me” came effortlessly, and  after deciding to stay authentic, the band was excited to have successfully produced a “fun, relatable rock tune that people could get lost in.”

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