Molly Moore Isn’t “Shy” About Her Newest Single

The new single “Shy” from rising star in pop Molly Moore is a kaleidoscope of sounds and feelings. Elements of jazz and psychedelia melt into this passionate pop anthem. This recently released track follows previous singles as a part of her upcoming EP Escapism, a project which accepts the different facets of love. “Shy” is a song about the growing interest in someone else and the excitement in seeing if the feeling is mutual.

The New York born and L.A. based Molly Moore makes dynamic music, expressing herself throughout the changes in her life. Moore has been on a journey throughout her musical career, earning praise and over 17 million streams on her music. She has collaborated with various artists and brands along the way, for instance, sharing a stage with Dua Lipa, John Mayer, and Bebe Rexha. Each of her projects serve as a snapshot of a moment in her journey. Now poised to release Escapism, her newest EP serving as a testament to untraditional love.

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“Shy” is defined by its groovy undertone which is swirled into a candy coated psychedelic texture. Elements of the song come and go in waves, Moore’s vocals are fluid and expressive, following effortlessly as the song changes in character. Travelling through lush and energetic layers of instrumentation, the sound of the track mirrors the themes of “Shy”. Although wanting to dive in headfirst into this new relationship, there is a reluctance represented in the rest of the track. The bold articulation of the horns harmonize with Moore’s singing and gets straight to the point. Hiding in the background of the song is a more ambiguous and ambient texture, subsequently creating a contrast. The push and pull presented in “Shy” is what drives it forward and makes it a unique pop anthem.

Look out for more from Molly Moore and her newest EP, Escapism, set to release February 11th. If you liked “Shy” be sure to check out her previous singles from this cycle “Marco Polo” and “Do They”. Similarly to “Shy”, these singles both have something unique to say about love. Moore’s music is exciting and impassioned, while her truly unique sound and songwriting explores the boundaries of pop music.

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