Monkey Mind Is Ready To Enter Your Mind

Being part of a band can be a struggle.  Having 4 musicians work together to form one cohesive unit of sound is difficult enough.  Throw in different personalities and personal stresses makes it hard for any band to keep it going.  But when it all works out, it all seems to be worth it.  Our recent find Monkey Mind has pushed through and is ready to make their presence known.

Since 2009 guitarist Andreas Georgiou and vocalist Christodoulos Pavlides have been in a variety of bands together with none really hitting their stride.  They were close with their ast band Incognito, a fusion of English and Greek rock, but difficulties crept in and the group eventually disbanded.  The passion would push them forward though.

Musical Passions Led To A Monkey Mind

The next move was reaching out Berklee alumni bassist and songwriter Christos Stylianides to join for the formation of a new solely English alternative rock band.  Drummer Doros Foks was soon brought on and Monkey Mind was officially born in Autumn of 2016 in Nicosia, Cyprus.  The music came together quickly with each member pouring in the needed energy and emotion to create something special.



A self-titled Monkey Mind 5 song EP was quick to follow.  Lead single “Feel Like Movin’ On” is the perfect introduction into what Monkey Mind has to offer.  The melodic guitars create the basis for an epic alt rock/metal song with scattered drum beats keeping the energy moving forward.  The vocals are a highlight as Christodoulos finds a way to pour real emotion into a voice that is on the verge of exploding.  The track remains right on the edge keeping the listener attuned to where it will go next.  Some late added keyboards add to the mystery.

Keep an eye on Monkey Mind on their FACEBOOK and more music on their SOUNDCLOUD.

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