MUFFIN Blends Grunge and Alternative in Self-Titled EP

In their self-titled EP, the emerging rock group MUFFIN revive the ancient art of grunge. The band exudes a sloppy, punk energy that is dying in the music industry. Though their energy is erratic, their musical execution is electrifying. MUFFIN blends the messiness of grunge and punk and mixes the swagger and attitude of modern indie and alternative. Energetic, thrashing, and very alive, every part of the band’s music is unique.


MUFFIN – EP starts with a buzzing bass line that opens the song “Miss Direction.” The drumming in the song is cymbal-heavy, being one of the lighter songs on the EP, and a great song to open with. As the hook mentions, the song talks about the happiness in finding direction in life. Some people want love, or instead of a significant other, prefer a goal in life. I think both are equally important, and it’s nice to see more than just another love song.


“Welcome to the Modern Age” is a wonderfully crafted song, and woven together with a thread of angst. From the vocals, to the distorted rhythm guitar, to the crashing drums, I can’t help but wanting to jump and punch when I listen. The song drops into a heavy breakdown and turns into the vocalist screaming over the whining guitar and drums. It is truly a grunge-worthy track.



The song “Filter Me” is a more indie-alternative track that dances along nicely until it skids to a halt. This time, the breakdown is emotionally gripping and slowly paced. It breaks into a fast-paced outro, and is overall a less structured song, but a refreshing changeup. What can’t these guys do?


The closer, “False Profit,” is softer than the rest of the EP, though the hooks still rock. But the cleaner, softer verses are a huge change from their explosive music. It is wonderful, and there are styles for every type of person throughout the four songs.


MUFFIN Plays ‘Welcome to the Modern Age’ Live



MUFFIN also released a video of “Welcome to the Modern Age.” It is a live performance filmed at the Camden Assembly in London. One key difference between the group in studio and live is their attitude. In recording, MUFFIN seems more energetic and fun, but live, they are dark and full of angst. Again, it could be the fact that they played their heaviest song. Either way, they seem like a show that couldn’t be forgotten. I have high hopes for MUFFIN, as they are genuinely different than many artists. They could be the beginning of a grunge and rock revival. They have the potential to be very successful in the future.

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