Murochny Takes Us On A Psychedelic Trip

Creating music will always be about exploring your own mind. Amazing sonic experiences are within everyone. The dedicated and talented few are able to get that music out of their head and into the world. Our latest discovery Murochny has found this outlet and is ready for everyone to hear.


Born in a small Russian province in 1989, the trip-hop artist has put in the time perfecting his skills. The first sonic experiments for Murochny began over 12 years ago. He allowed his art to improve by studying, becoming a certified mixing engineer, and observing the world around him. Being a tripsitter allowed him to see many more psychedelic experiences than just his own. Murochny allows this to enter his unique sound.


His music is about redefining and refreshing trip-hop as a genre and psychedelic trip as a process. Being heavily influenced by post-rock bands (Cecilia::Eyes, When The Angels Breathe), trip-hop artists (Portishead, Neroche), vintage blues and classical music, the Murochny style is quite uncommon. He is inspired by movies as well. Some of his songs are known to have monologues from movies.


November 27th, 2017 saw the release of his debut album 4 Beloved Psychonauts. The 10 track record is a full journey through an interesting mind. From the opening track “Intro/Bells” you know you are in for something quite different. “Analog Evening” turns the tone a little solemn with its dark and ominous sound. The synths blend over a simple post-rock style guitar melody. This allows the listener to focus on whatever sound is drawing him at the time. This is an alternate reality.


Allow Murochny To Open Your Mind


We get more exotic sounds on “Haydn.” Murochny uses a slowed down audiocassette of actual Haydn performed by an orchestra. Here they are paired with a winding drum beat that sets the stage. Random sounds, such as dogs barking, are added to really take the listener on the trip along with Murochny. There is a funk feel on “Polyamory” as the bass takes us to a place where heads will bob and toes will tap. There are even some Jazz elements here as the mix gets filled with sound. Again the listener is free to take the path that is calling to them.


We are left to wonder where the mind of Murochny was going when we listen to “Let’s Cuddle” and “Tinder.” We will assume it was quite a sexy place. Love is in the air.


The record closes with the title tune “For Beloved Psychonauts”, an elegant experiment that is as close as we will get to a single. The sultry female vocal adds a pretty tone over the harsh sonic backdrop. The cacophony is strangely intoxicating.


We recommend taking this album in as a full experience. Sit back, put your headphones on and let your mind enjoy the journey.


Have a listen on BANDCAMP. You can find more on Murochny on his new WEBSITE or @Murochny on INSTAGRAM.


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