MVJOR ARCVNA Creates Next Level EDM

Although music is such a big part of most of our lives, we must allow other interests to exist simultaneously. These other passions can act as inspiration for your music as well as fill the time when your brain needs to not be focused on music. We all need breaks. This multifaceted mind seems to have been a great asset for our latest find MVJOR ARCVNA.


The project based in Atlanta, Georgia is the brainchild of Jaron Pearlman. In addition to being a songwriter and audio engineer, Jaron is an author, cryptocurrency investor, and jeweler. All this and the fact that he has with worked with a wide range of artists and genres has helped him develop a love for all kinds of music.  Now with MVJOR ARCVNA he has his personal project that explores every facet of his musicality.


The music of MVJOR ARCVNA is based deep in the EDM genre but adds traditional Appalachian instrumentation, including slide guitar, banjo, and hammer dulcimer which have not been heard in the style before. This uniqueness is one of the best assets of the project.


Last month, MVJOR ARCVNA released the LP Hermit. The 7 track album takes musical exploration to new worlds with its dynamic and very well produced sound. From the opener “Wolf’s Child (feat Amy Ray)” we get to experience the innovative mix of sounds derived from Jaron’s childhood in Asheville, North Carolina. This is next level EDM.


MVJOR ARCVNA Will Take You To A New Place In EDM


With “Brave New World” we are taken to a danceable place littered with atmospheric swooshes and analog sweeps to fill the sonic space. Heads will bop as minds expand. Other tracks “Elysium” and “To The Sun” continue this electro-Appalachian vibe that keeps the listener intrigued and guessing what is next.



We are switched up a little with “High (Like You).” The vocal stylings of BROTHRS is brought in and warped using autotune and mixing elements. This one could reach mass adoption due to its fun and mesmerizing beat.


There is quite a fun beat to “Damascus” as well but more Appalachian elements are mixed in to craft something truly unique. MVJOR ARCVNA may be trying to turn our minds to a relaxed pile of mush with this one.


The closer “Retrograde” combines a wide assortment of sounds to somehow create a relaxing vibe that lets the listener wind down from the musical journey they just experienced.


To dive into more of the MVJOR ARCVNA experience check out his WEBSITE.

More music can be found HERE.

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