Go On A “Night Drive” With Hayk Davids

French singer-songwriter Hayk Davids is taking you into his dark and dreamy world with his debut single “Night Drive.” Sultry, deep, and enticing, this dream-rock single highlights promising attributes from this young up-and-comer.

“Night Drive” really showcases the depth behind Hayk’s voice. Like a tidal-wave immediately sweeping you out into the unknown of the oceans, Hayk pulls you in with hypnotic instrumentals and his unique, gravelly tone. And with only two verses, “Night Drive” is a quick and different listen.

The sultry tone throughout the song fits the nature of the lyrical content, setting the mood intended. “Night Drive” is all about realizing that you’re falling out of love and the feelings of melancholy and conflict associated with that. Hayk perfectly captures his intentions with this debut release,

“It was born in an old French car navigating the summer warm wind. Opened windows, pure and deep emotions. I drive and think out loud about how my feelings for her are fading… I’m talking to her and at the same time driving to someone else.” -Hayk Davids

Fans of Nirvana and Cigarettes After Sex are going to find themselves playing “Night Drive” on repeat. If Hayk continues to release enchanting singles like this I have faith we will be hearing more from him in the future. His ability to hone in on the entire feeling behind his words will continue to set him apart. If you want to see more from this musical maven in the making, be sure to follow him on Instagram!

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