NoMadz Hits Hip Hop With Relatability

As an artist of any kind, we must always take in influences from our surroundings. We all experience life in our own ways. This is what makes the music of every artist different and unique. Our recent discovery NoMadz has done just that in a short time and is ready to share his journey through his songs.


Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, the rising hip-hop artist has led quite the interesting life. Although the artist known as NoMadz is only 21 years old, he has done his share of traveling. Spending time living in 8 different cities on 3 different continents gave him a large number of influences and experiences to pour into his music. Listening to Childish Gambino during his rise was also a huge influence. NoMadz also claims other influences from the likes of lil Dicky, Kyle, and Eminem.


Now NoMadz is ready to take the big plunge and pour his heart and soul into making music as a viable career option. He is on his way with his first pair of singles for the world to hear. The first is “Drive Home.” According to NoMadz, this song basically wrote itself as he was driving. Luckily he was able to pull over and get the whole thing down. Got home, found a beat and recorded it. Sometimes it all comes together that quickly. The freestyle flow of the lyrics shows a truly skilled wordsmith. A story of reality is presented as the relatively simple beat soothes in the background keeping it all together.



On “Sorry ‘Bout The Trouble” a more energetic beat with a funk feel puts a smile on the listener’s face. The lyrics are not quite as happy. As NoMadz said “it just goes through all the emotions of confusion, anger, and bitterness as the guy realizes slowly how all the shitty things the girl was doing were very obvious and how he probably should have noticed it a lot earlier.” His style of putting his real life and emotions into his music makes it very relatable to any listener.


Indie band Guru for one is very excited to see where the career of Nomadz goes. Keep up with new and older music on his YouTube channel.


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