On The Water – Raw Emotion Poured Into Song

Music is meant to spark emotions.  Many artistic types are even more sensitive to these emotional shifts but fortunately they have created an outlet to release and express these feelings.  Our recent find On The Water has found a way to truly exude these emotions to song.

On The Water
On the Water

The project based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the masterpiece of founder Fletcher Van Vliet.  From the beginning of On The Water in 2007 there has been a rotating lineup of members ranging from a solo project to up to 9 members.  The sound builds to a dark folk orchestra fills the full sonic space.  When they performed live, the group would set aside microphones and set lists to better complement their desire for spontaneity and surprise for the audience.

Tomorrow, on May 9th, On The Water will be releasing their fifth album, Cordelia.  The 10 track record creates a full immersive experience for the listener with raw honest atmospheric folk.  Van Vliet describes the album as a dark love poem about self-discovery, realizing the things you love, close friends and adventure, limitations and failures, and bouts with depression.  The vocals are earnest in their gravelly tone with each song creating a different mood with its background ranging from minimalistic to grand.  Vinyl and digital releases of Cordelia will be available on May 9, 2015, and can now be pre-ordered from Bandcamp.  Go get a taste at:

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