OneWayHome – Kindred Spirit Folk

Some people are able to just come together and click to form a musical partnership.  There seems to be this magic that happens when like minded musicians blend their personal styles to create something new.  A great example is our recent discovery OneWayHome.

The group is made up of Justin, Phillip, and Leslie.  Three people who seem to truly have a kindred spirit with each other and the music.  Hailing from Houston, Texas, OneWayHome works together to produce a fun folk sound that shows off some true talent.  

The band just released their new album Front Porch on April 22nd and in May will start on a tour to get their sound out there in front of people and welcome in new fans.

OneWayHome Welcomes You To The Campsite


The lead single off the record is “Love Found Me”.  It is a peppy folk track right from the start with quick strummed guitars livening the mood.  When the vocals come in there is an epic rise with harmonies that make it feel like we all should be singing along.  This is a song that would be the perfect soundtrack for sitting around a campfire with your closest friends having a great time.

Take a listen for yourself at:

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