PAPA Gives Indie Rock a Refreshing Spin with ‘Kick at the Dust’

When making a Sophomore album, there’s always that need to create something bigger and better than the predecessor. In the case of PAPA, an LA-based indie rock duo, their newly-released Sophomore album Kick at the Dust is more of an experiment with sounds than their debut. Having been kicking out content for 6 years, with their first EP being released back in 2011, these two childhood friends have faced quite the rise and fall of the music industry.

PAPA Give Us a Dance Beat to Groove Our Way into Fall

The very LA summertime sound that comes from their new album is extremely contagious and intricate. Throughout the entire album, there’s a feel-good vibe that you really just can’t shake.

“Hold On” caught me off guard, as I had the volume on my laptop on high with my headphones in. After the initial shock of the intensity of the beat, I was transfixed. The instrument combination in this track has a lot of overlap, but everything blends together so well. There’s that definite indie sound that can be compared to The Kooks, that contagious indie sound pumping through your speakers.

“Hush Little Baby” doesn’t start off quite as intense as the first. The drumming in the beginning really sets off the tone of the track, leaving your expectations quite high. They are met, though, with the vocals that are right on tempo with the song itself. That summertime dance beat will surely make it’s way into your Fall 2016 playlist.

“Private Empire” has a more true rock feel than most other tracks on the album, but still manages to hold onto that unique indie sound that really draws you in to begin with. The electric guitar gives this track a more edgy sound, but the vocals are still soothing in their own amazing way. This album has definitely proved that PAPA are here to make an impression and to make their own name in the indie rock industry.

You can stream Kick at the Dust here.

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