Saint Adeline Challenges The “Status Quo” In Latest EP

Saint Adeline exudes interesting. A San Francisco-born turned NYC-based trio, Saint Adeline is a family band that knows their way around music. With a folk pop style and a knack for composing, they create a little something for every taste. Their latest release, the self-titled Saint Adeline EP, easily shows off their unmatched abilities as artists.

Saint Adeline (the album), out September 19, works on a couple of different levels. Saint Adeline (the band) not only shows off their strengths (oh, and trust me they have a lot of them), but their ability to create with variability.  

They also showcase everyone’s vocal talents. It sounds like everyone in the trio gets the chance to solo as they should. Each voice possesses their own unique quality while still managing to sound amazing together — which in itself is crazy impressive.

Saint Adeline Impresses With Artistry

Take their most recent single, “Status Quo” for example. With a happy-go-lucky feeling and interesting guitar composition, Saint Adeline knows how to make an entrance. They have this almost modern pop-musical feel mixed with this folk guitar, all sounding effortlessly cool.

On top of that it has this contagious energy. They’re having fun with it and bringing this amazing motto of “live in the now and embrace your surroundings” with it. We also get a taste of the male vocals which definitely shine. 

Their next song “Fight for It,” only energizes us that much more. It starts as this calming acoustic that casually jumps into this huge anthem. We go from this very bright song to this unbelievably tenacious rally to fight for yourself.

It’s a skill the trio possesses that doesn’t go unnoticed. Their ability to transition into so many styles works as a genre bender, for lack of a better term. They easily shift from bright, almost musical-like, numbers to fight songs to very pure and soft ballads. It’s incredible, and only continues to show off their artistry.

They work with different styles like it’s nothing and that does nothing less than impress.

Essentially, Saint Adeline work as musical pioneers with this ability to not only create an amazing album, but to mesh so many different styles together. It’s, above all, an amazing listen. It combines pop and folk in a way that just makes you want to keep listening.

All and all, Saint Adeline has a creative edge that only makes me that much more excited to see how they create in the future. Saint Adeline is available now.

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