Paul Bibbins Gives Us ‘The Last Perfect Performance’

For a dedicated musician, music is really a labor of love. When music starts to flow we will pour all of our time and our hearts into it. This has become a life long mission for our recent discovery Paul Bibbins. He puts all of this into his recent release The Last Perfect Performance.

The solo artist originally hails from New Orleans but relocated to Dallas, Texas after Hurricane Katrina. Paul Bibbins originally started playing guitar back in his teenage years in 1973. The passion for the instrument continued to grow as he developed his sound from a variety of influences. Rock guitar is definitely his mainstay with some Blues thrown in for good measure. As a solo artist Paul Bibbins plays all the guitar parts on his recorded music as well as programming all the drums and bass. He is known to take his time to get the songs exactly as he wants to hear them.

In what has been an interesting year for all of us, Paul Bibbins was hard at work making music. He recorded 7 new tracks that were originally planned for his The Last Perfect Performance album. To keep up with the title he added in his two previous albums into one giant triple album project. 27 tracks for a decades worth of music.

Right from the opener “Oh Woman, Sweet Woman” we can feel the big rock guitar energy that Paul Bibbins has in store for us. The blues is very present as well on tracks like “Dreamin Is Flying” and the title track “Last Perfect Performance.” 

We get a glimpse of the guitar talents of Paul Bibbins on “Angel Blue” and “The Laws Of Existence.” He has a way of laying strong guitar leads over a backdrop of pure rock energy that grabs the listener and refuses to let go. This continues as we head into the past recordings of “Ten Days To Burn It Down” and the tracks that were included on his 2018 album. Tracks such as “Frantic Freedom” and “Stone Cold Monday” are highlights here.

Paul Bibbins holds no qualms about showing off his influence from legendary left-hand guitar player Jimi Hendrix through the last 7 tracks of the triple album plucked from his 2013 album Joe Kool Jack. it is shown off on “Forever No Restraints” and “Rocket Dreams.” We also get some songs that Hendrix made famous like his version of “The Star Spangled banner” and a 9 minute epic version of “Voodoo Child.” This is the beauty of playing rock guitar with passion.

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