Perish – Music Develops Into Something New And Adventerous

It always amazes me how a band’s sound develops and changes over time.  Groups that lock themselves into only one straight genre often go nowhere because everyone has heard it done so many times before.  Be open and ready to morph into where the music takes you when working with other musicians.  Great things can come out of it like our latest find Perish.


What started as a SpaceSynth group in a dank basement of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has evolved into an impressive stoner grunge rock band.  Pretty electro ballads about travelling through the cosmos turned into distorted metal influenced songs with an edge.

Last Month the foursome released their self titled debut Perish.  The echoed chanting open of ‘The Queen Of Miseria’ lulls the listener in before smacking him in the face with an energetic sonic assault.  There is no turning back from here.  The title of ‘Scatterbrain Anxiety’ suits the song well as each band member seems to be making their own unique sound that somehow combines into a dark but enjoyable song.  The guitar driven ‘Steady Heavy’ is another in your face track that features some great distortion to create a wall of sound to wash over the listener.  The guitar tone is something I would love to find the right effects pedal for.  Overall this a great start for Perish and we look forward to hearing even more development from them.  Go take a listen for yourself at:

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