Petrobot Is Here For The Synth Party

As an artist, we must always be open to both the sounds of the past as well as the modern musical techniques of the future. Our recent discovery Petrobot is a prime example of this. They combine sounds from the not so distant, (but sometimes overlooked) past and add a current flair to form something truly original, and fun.

The four-piece band consists of Nathan Lacy (synth/vocals), Ray Clark (bass), Sam Phelps (guitar), and Dwayne Bush (drums). Together as Petrobot, the New York City based project brings ‘80s synthwave back with experimental electronic sounds and dance-rock elements that can get any crowd moving. Everything is recorded live without backing tracks so what you hear is what you get at a Petrobot live show. From what we hear the party is non-stop at their performances. If you are in NYC, you can catch the next Petrobot show at Rockwood Music Hall on Friday, March 27 at 9 pm. Plus it is a Free show so no excuses.

Just last week on February 28th, Petrobot released their debut self-titled EP. The 4 track record is a great taste of what they are all about. The opener “Neon” slowly lulls us in with exotic electro sounds before the drums come in to take us on a sultry and psychedelic journey. We are in their world now. 

On “System Overload” the unique party vibe continues with a mesmerizing beat paired with the energy of Nathan’s vocals keeping us all on our toes. The electro sounds lead the way on “My Home” creating a lush soundscape to keep us all cozy and warm in the Petrobot universe. But we have no desire to leave anyway. 

The EP closes with “The Scream” culminating with a solid mix of the past while keeping within the modern edge the band has delivered throughout. Bodies will be grinding and vocals will be sung back by the crowd. We expect big things from Petrobot in the near future.

Keep up with the band on their website and social media channels:




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